nowy gurewicz apartments

We would like to introduce you to the Nowy Gurewicz Apartments.

They are situated in the part of the building, where originally used to be guest rooms for patients staying in the pre-war guest house. In an effort to follow the trail of history, we have made every effort to preserve as many original elements of architecture characteristic of this region known as Świdermajer. Our goal was to create a place with a climate of a pre-war summer resort, where we can continue the culture of rest combined with recovery and care for health.

The interiors have been designed to harmonise with the surrounding nature. On the ground floor, the colour scheme of the corridors is reminiscent of the lower part of the forest: dark green dominates, accompanied by light details - as if sun rays were breaking through the trees. On the upper floor, however, green refers to the colour of the crowns of the trees: it is lighter, warmer and brighter. In the hallways, there are tiled cookers that were once used for heating. Today they play a decorative role, also bearing witness to the history of bygone times.

luxurious rooms

Each of the rooms has been designed in a different colour scheme, referring to the colours of nature. In order to maintain the closest possible contact with the surrounding nature, we have created a space where natural materials reign: oak floors or custom-made oak veneered furniture with rattan elements.

Luxurious continental beds, offering comfortable rest, have all kinds of facilities. Linen bedspreads woven with natural thread are decorated with floral motifs, referring to the garden.

Large windows of the so-called Polish type are directed towards the southern side so that the incoming light gently illuminates the interiors, and the view of the beautiful garden gives a sense of serenity and peace.

stylish bathrooms

There are style-matching bathrooms in each room. On the walls are handmade Spanish tiles: each unique in its shade, each minimally different.
The floor is made of Spanish terrazzo - similar to the one used between the wars.
Gold armature and brass accents refer to the furnishings from the interwar period.

our wide offer

There are 8 single rooms, 2 family suites and 1 VIP suite.
While giving our interiors a strong historical touch, we tried to adjust them to current standards: all rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with TV and internet. A safe and a minibar are also available.

We created this place with the idea of maintaining the wellness and leisure character of the former guesthouse. It was quite a challenge to maintain a balance between the past and the present, and - thanks to the teamwork of many specialists - we are proud of the final result.

We warmly invite you to stay and relax in our interiors, where you will be able to experience the history that really happened in this building.

vip suite

The VIP suite is the largest size space we have to offer. The windows here face three different directions of the world. The treetops nearby give you the opportunity to engage with the surrounding nature. You will find a spacious lounge with direct access to the private veranda, which has been completely restored with original elements. Right next to the living room is a bedroom with a double bed, linked to the bathroom. All are designed to give a sense of comfort and intimacy.

The suite features:

The VIP suite including the bathroom is 42 m² in size.
Maximum number of guests: 4.

family suite

The family suite is a large, elegant space dominated by green - the colour of harmony, which restores balance. The entire space is divided into zones: the lounge area, with a fold-out sofa that can be converted into a double bed, and the bedroom area, with a double continental bed. The family suite is adapted for people with reduced mobility - the bathroom located there has all kinds of facilities for people with disabilities.

The suites include:

The suite including the bathroom is approximately 38 m² in size.
Maximum number of guests: 4.

single room

The single room is a carefully designed space where you will find all kinds of amenities of the highest standard. Each room has been created in a different colour scheme in harmony with the surrounding nature. The predominant materials are natural, such as wood, rattan and linen. The windows face the spacious garden, located on the south side.

The ground floor flats have preserved original tiled cookers, giving a sense of contact with the rich history of the place.

In the suites you will find:

The suites including the bathroom vary in size from 16 to 21 m².

price list

VIP SUITE (max. 2 PEOPLE)650 PLN/day
*Breakfast included in the price
400 PLN/day
550 PLN/day
650 PLN/day
750 PLN/day
(max. 2 PEOPLE)
650 PLN/day
750 PLN/day
850 PLN/day
*Breakfast included in the price
Regulations of stay in Nowy Gurewicz apartments
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Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant
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