Fried shrimps in butter emulsion with garlic baguette and salad mix57 zł
Veal dumplings with sour cream, broad bean, tomatoes and onions with bacon55 zł
Beef tartare with marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumber, onion, egg yolk puree, crispy cheese, french fries and watercress55 zł
Herring marinated in linseed oil with fried potato, pickled red onion, apple, sour cream and crispy leek49 zł


Caesar salad with shrimps57 zł
Caesar salad with chicken51 zł
Salad with spinach, asparagus, smoked cottage cheese, strawberries, roasted pine nuts and balsamic dressing with mint50 zł


Homemade quail-beef broth with herb noodles and carrots35 zł
Oyster mushroom tripe35 zł
Cold beet soup with quail egg35 zł


Beef tenderloin with new potatoes, fried cabbage, salami spinata, sour cream with herbs and pepper sauce119 zł
Roasted duck breast with baked potato, onion and vanilla puree, celery, apple and beet mayonnaise topped with cowberry fruit83 zł
Salmon fillet with pot barley, fried cauliflower, radicchio salad, capers, cherry tomatoes, pickled lemon with buttery dressing and chive oil82 zł
Lamb chump with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and chimichurri sauce76 zł
Fried rolls with herb risotto and ripened cheese served with vegetable salad and sweet and spicy sauce61 zł


Chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream34 zł
Chocolate cheesecake mousse with chaenomeles and sea buckthorn chutney34 zł
Meringue with coffee cream and fruit34 zł


Quail and beef broth with noodles and carrot25 zł
Tomato soup with noodles25 zł
Penne pasta with bolognese sauce32 zł
Battered fillet of gilt-head beam with french fries and cucumber salad35 zł
Pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup and fruit29 zł


Ice tea (white tea, wild flower syrup, lime juice)19 zł
Orange iced coffee (double espresso, milk, triple sec)26 zł
Iced americano16 zł
Orange espresso (espresso, orange juice, sugar)17 zł
Lemonade of the day21 zł
Freshly squeezed orange juice22 zł
Orange/apple Cappy juice14 zł
Rose lemonade Lord of Taste16 zł
Watermelon lemonade Lord of Taste16 zł
Ginger beer Lord of Taste17 zł
Tonic Lord of Taste16 zł
Coca-cola, Coca-cola zero16 zł


Still water9 zł
Sparkling water9 zł
Still/sparkling water 1l16 zł


Staropolskie Hoppy Beer19 zł
Staropolskie Honey Beer 500 ml19 zł
Staropolskie Wheat Beer 500 ml19 zł
Heineken 0% 500 ml17 zł


Belvedere Vodka29 zł
Chopin Potato Vodka31 zł
Dwór Polski Vodka21 zł
Whisky Loch Lomond 12YO32 zł
Whisky Talisker 10YO31 zł
Bulleit Bourbon26 zł
Whiskey Jameson23 zł
Dupuy V.S Cognac31 zł
Gin Name & Nature23 zł
Rum Havana Club 3Anos23 zł
Tequila Salitos23 zł
Fernet Amaro22 zł
Flavoured liqueur22 zł


Large latte macchiato20 zł
Small latte macchiato16 zł
Cappuccino15 zł
Flat white15 zł
Americano14 zł
Americano with milk15 zł
Espresso12 zł
Double Espresso14 zł
Tea - Ceylon, Earl grey, Green tea, Fruit tea14 zł
Plant milk3 zł
Additional espresso3 zł


Aperol Spritz (prosecco, aperol barbieri, sparkling water)32 zł
Pink prosecco (prosecco, wild strawberry syrup, sparkling water)33 zł
Strong wild strawberry(vodka, sprite, wild strawberry, lime)35 zł
Gin & Tonic (gin, tonic, lime juice)29 zł
Southside cocktail (gin, lime juice, sugar syrup)29 zł
Tequila sunrise (tequila, orange juice, grenadine)32 zł
Bloody whisky (whisky, peach syrup, cranberry juice, lemon juice)34 zł
Whisky sour (whisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup)32 zł
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Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant
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Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant © 2022.
All Rights Reserved. | Privacy policy